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3x8ft PVC banner - £28.80 | 2x6ft Vinyl banner - £16.40

3x8ft Mesh banner - £38.30 | 10x4ft Mesh banner - £56.70

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FT 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 5 6 7 8
cm 61 76 91 107 122 152 183 213 244
2 61 £8.80 £9.80 £10.70 £11.70 £12.60 £14.50 £16.40 £18.30 £20.20
4 122 £12.60 £14.50 £16.40 £18.30 £20.20 £24.00 £28.80 £32.60 £36.40
6 183 £16.40 £19.30 £22.10 £26.00 £28.80 £34.50 £40.20 £46.90 £52.60
8 244 £20.20 £24.00 £28.80 £32.60 £36.40 £44.00 £52.60 £60.20 £68.80
10 305 £24.00 £29.80 £34.50 £39.30 £44.00 £54.50 £64.00 £74.50 £84.00
12 366 £28.80 £34.50 £40.20 £46.90 £52.60 £64.00 £76.40 £88.70 £100.10
14 427 £32.60 £39.30 £46.90 £53.50 £60.20 £74.50 £88.70 £102.00 £116.30
16 488 £36.40 £44.00 £52.60 £60.20 £68.80 £84.00 £100.10 £116.30 £132.50
18 549 £40.20 £49.70 £58.30 £67.80 £76.40 £94.40 £112.50 £130.60 £147.70
20 610 £44.00 £54.50 £64.00 £74.50 £84.00 £103.90 £123.90 £143.90 £163.90
22 671 £48.80 £59.20 £70.70 £81.10 £92.50 £114.40 £136.30 £158.20 £180.00
24 732 £52.60 £64.00 £76.40 £88.70 £100.10 £123.90 £147.70 £172.40 £196.20
26 792 £56.40 £69.70 £82.10 £95.40 £108.70 £134.40 £160.10 £185.70 £212.40
28 853 £60.20 £74.50 £88.70 £102.00 £116.30 £143.90 £172.40 £200.00 £227.60
30 914 £64.00 £79.20 £94.40 £109.70 £123.90 £154.40 £183.80 £214.30 £243.80
32 975 £68.80 £84.00 £100.10 £116.30 £132.50 £163.90 £196.20 £227.60 £259.90
34 1036 £72.60 £89.70 £105.80 £123.00 £140.10 £174.30 £207.60 £241.90 £276.10
36 1097 £76.40 £94.40 £112.50 £130.60 £147.70 £183.80 £220.00 £256.10 £291.30
38 1158 £80.20 £99.20 £118.20 £137.20 £156.30 £194.30 £232.40 £269.40 £307.50
40 1219 £84.00 £103.90 £123.90 £143.90 £163.90 £203.80 £243.80 £283.70 £323.70
Our PVC banners are printed on the quality, durable & hard wearing vinyl material. They come with hems & eyelets in standard.  Free simple designs.

PVC banners are available to order 7 days a week / 24h a day. 
How to order our banners: 
  • Make an order for your PVC banner via our web-site. We do not take payments on-line - you will not be charged for the ordered PVC Banners, before your artwork is accepted. We will contact you as soon as we receive the order for your PVC banners
  • Send us an email. Please do not forget to include your phone number.
  • Give as a call (020 71400048 or mobile 07999584418) - our lines are open 9:00 to 4:00.

We review our banner prices and compare them to our competitors and we are proud to be one of the most competitive suppliers of  PVC banners. We do not compromise on quality of our PVC Banners. PVC Banners are printed at highest resolutions and high passes. For outdoor banners we use only full solvent inks - to ensure highest durability and UV colour stability. 
Why choose Hugeone?
  • At Hugeone we always strive to deliver highest quality PVC banners at affordable prices; thanks to our great variety of vinyl banners and PVC banners to choose from any customer will be able pick the right option for their budget.
  • We offer a basic design service for banners. Our designs will be sent to you via email for approval. This service is free of charge for banners and other products covered by our services.
  • Our banners are made of high quality 510gsm material making them very durable.
  • All our banners are hemmed to provide additional strength in addition to making the banners 100% waterproof.
  • Our banners are fitted with nickel coated brass eyelets to allow the banner to hang in any way imaginable.
  • At Hugeone we use latest and finest machinery with original inks to make certain that our banners are long lasting and to prevent banner from premature fading.
  • In addition to PVC banners we offer Mesh banners; mesh banners are a great option for banners intended places where wind damage may be an issue. Mesh banners allow air to flow right through thanks to very small holes in the banner.
  • For our mesh banners we use top quality 420gsm mesh for strength and durability
  • All our banners comply with all uk health and safety requirements
  • At Hugeone we offer special discounts for registered charities, schools, colleges and universities.
  • Besides banners we offer a wide variety of products such as pavement signs, feather flags, signs and posters
  • We are always more than happy to answer any of your queries at 020 71400048 or 07999584418
Trade (proffesional) customers
We are happy to supply our PVC banners directly to our trade customer’s clients. We do white label deliveries of our PVC banners. We never send invoices inside PVC banners. As a trade customer, you will have access to the amazing trade prices and offers.

PCV banners, hugeone.co.uk offers a vast range of highest quality printed PVC colour banners. Large & wide format - we can print any size banners, bespoke banner from small to futball pitch or billboard sizes. hugeone.co.uk PVC banners are top quality 510gsm PVC banner vinyl material. We print our PVC banners on wide format, hard solvent ink based machines. We use also many other wide format printing machines & equipment. hugeone.co.uk print equipment (large format printers) are able to print directly onto PCV banners (vinyl banners), using hard solvent inks which are designed to do not fade when used on hugeone.co.uk PVC banners. We have a wide range of a standard predesigned pvc banners sizes. We offer bar banners, pub banners, school banners, christmass banners, haloween banners, easter banners, sport banners, restaurant banners, event banners and wedding banners Banners are an amazing marketing tool, PVC banners can create large format advertising display. PVC banners are one of the most cost effective marketing tools.
Banners are often named or referred to as: banners, PVC banners, printed banners, colour banners, outdoor banner signs, vinyl banners, vinyl signs, and vinyl banner signs . hugeone.co.uk prints and sales at amazing prices large PCV banners, small PCV banners, custom size PCV banners. Our banner comes in any size. W print bespoke PCV banners.

hugeone.co.uk offers the great selection of a low cost (cheap) low cost PVC banners hugeone.co.uk Many of our customers says that we sell PCV banners at bargain prices. We supply trade and help many small, medium and large companies sorting their advertising and signage problems. We do designs, advertising campaigns. We can take print and deliver jobs from one to many thousands PCV banners.

hugeone.co.uk prints on highest (high top) quality strongest (extra strong) PCV vinyl fabric. Banners are finished with hems and bras eyelets. Our eyelets used to finish PCV banners are nickel plated for weather and water proof. This gives our banners many benefits: Low cost external advertisind solution, long lasting (printed using hard solvent inks) full colour graphic, large format sizes. Our hard solvent inks have a highest UV stability, guaranteed PCV banners will not fade out prematurely. Our banner printing technology gives us an opportunity to print banners at the highest possible standard. Hemming around the banner with flat welded hem makes our banner extremely strong, weather and UV proof. Eyelets are included in the cost, spaced at 50cm spacing or closer to equally divide the banner size. PCV banner pockets (sleeves or tunnels) can be made for installing banners on scaffold. Scaffold banners are mainly used on the construction sites. Many other extra options are available for strength and windy conditions. hugeone.co.uk offers: pvc and mesh banners, single sided banners and double sided banners. We offer fast shipping for UK Banners and best pricing for online order pvc and mesh banners, we can also ship white labeled to our trade customers or pvc and mesh banner affiliates. Please call our sales team to receive banner trade prices . hugeone.co.uk trade banner pricing and volume discount options are not shown on our website.

We supply also High quality blank PVC Banners. We use heavy duty 510gsm PCV banner materials. Brass nickel plated eyelet grommets are included in the price. We print PCV banners up to 16.5ft tall and 50m long in one piece. If bigger banner is necessary - we weld sections so we can supply any size banner. Our low cost and high quality blank banners or printed banners are ideal solution for print brokers, sign shops, sing makers or print shops. hugeone.co.uk uses the reinforced PCV vinyl fabric to print our cheap banners, high quality PCV banners, which are always finished using brass nickel plated eyelets.

PVC banners can be used for indoor displays or external events. Banners and provide a cost effective, cheap but eye catching and bold promotional effect. Banner frames can be used to fix banner in the places where is difficult or impossible to hand PCV banners. hugeone.co.uk offers not only PCV banners but also many other advertising products like feather flags, mesh banners, exhibition banners and equipment. We list our banner prices online to help you choose the optimal option for your PCV banner.

We print our banners on strong reinforced polyester high quality knitted vinyl, and we finish PVC banners with hems and brass eyelets. Full colour CMYK print is included in the price for our PVC banners. If you buy our pvc banners you will benefit from: long Lasting full colour graphics, environmentally friendly, high UV resistance, bright and vivid colour, high quality PVC based polyester backdrop or point of sale graphics. Why to use banners? Banner material media is a great solution for festivals, gigs or events, scaffolding banners, large outdoor advertising, hotel banners, pub banners, under new management banners, pub banners, restaurant banners, mobile advertising banners, building wrap, charity banners, construction site banners, builders banners, school banners, park banners, sales banners, marketing banners and much more. Our banners or backdrops are printed using latest digital colour printing technology. ensuring long lasting Vivid bright colour graphics. Quality of our banners gives you many additional options like mounting banners on poles and banner frames. Banners are a perfect solution for event promotion graphic displays. Banners provide low cost and high impact advertising solutions. Order banners from hugeone.co.uk to grab the attention of passers by. You can use wall mounded arms to install double sided banners. We offer many options how to mound banners on the walls. Please call hugeone.co.uk to discuss your banner requirements. Wall mounting bars are fitted with tension system - banners are kept taught and are presented at their best. Order your banners from the banner specialist (hugeone.co.uk) to make banners work for you. Banners installed on the wall using banner wall poles can be changed frequently - ensuring that the correct marketing message riches the public.

We will design for free simple graphics or worded banners. High quality banners - PVC materials are used by hugeone.co.uk, Latest banner wide format printing technology assures that pvc banners will be printed at high resolution, hard solvent inks provide limitless colours to your projects. Printed graphics can be produced on fire rated PVC banners with a high quality heavy print to maintain colour graphics stability. We have an option of fire rated banners.

Most important features of our pvc banners: long lasting colour, reinforced banner material, banners are hemmed & eyeleted in standard, banners are printed using latest large (wide) format printing technology using full hard solvent inks.

our hugeone.co.uk banners can be printed in big or small sizes and banners can be any colour or any mixture of colours. Hugeone.co.uk prints full colour digital print included in the price. Banners are one of the best advertising tools giving bright and bold message to your customers. banners are a great way to advertise. All hugeone.co.uk banners are printed with the quality control, using the most modern banner printing technology available. All banners come with brass or chrome eyelets and are hemmed all the way around as standard. hugeone.co.uk can provide any other finish: trimmed banners, banners with pole pockets, banners with rope welded into the hem. hugeone.co.uk provides also additional extras when necessary like reinforced banner corners, banner ties, banner bungee ropes. We also provide other kind of banners like mesh banners, double sided banners, high visibility banners and special banners.

Printed banners, printed pvc banners, printed mesh banners, printed double sided banners and printed high vision banners are delivered using cheap fast UK courier delivery companies. Our quality printed pvc banners can be used straight from the box, and our banners quality is making them the perfect way to advertise your company or event.

Our attention to detail, great customer service, best prices in the UK make our quality, cheap banners and pvc banners, keep us at the cutting edge of the banner industry.

hugeone.co.uk banners are used as a great advertising tool because they are versatile signs. Banner and sign makers buy hugeone.co.uk pvc banners to use as a short term advertising and long term displays. hugeone.co.uk provides the UK with top quality banners offered at exceptional low prices. Our banners are portable and bold. When not needed banners can be rolled and then reused when necessary. Eye catching bright long lasting colours make our banners the best advertising product for your business. Banners have a unique print quality making all details of your design to be well presented on the banner. Modern printed full colour banner designs are offered by our design studio.

hugeone.co.uk is an exceptional company to do business with, with long experience in the banner advertising industry. We meet the deadlines on time, always delivering the highest quality banner products. hugeone.co.uk takes al lots of attention to the details to make your product and banners. Most pvc banners are be shipped and with you within 48hrs and for bigger projects that take a longer time - we get them to you as soon as they are printed and ready to dispatch.

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